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New Branch of Farmer Angel Network in Western Wisconsin

November 21, 2023 - Elsworth, WI - This announcement comes with mixed emotions. We are excited to announce the start of a new "branch" of our organization in Western Wisconsin. However, like our network, this new branch is starting from a story of pain all too familiar. Depression and suicide are topics that people don't like to discuss. However the Webster Family shares their personal tragedy and with it hopes of forming a Farmer Angel Network in their community.

Brian Webster, a farmer from Elsworth, WI died by suicide in August. Our team has guided his family who wants to avoid this happening to others in their area. They are putting memorials towards creation of this new branch, Farmer Angel Network of Western Wisconsin. See the full story here:

We are so appreciative Brian's family, friends and neighbors are coming together to break the stigma of mental illness and let others know of the resources available.

The family has established a GoFundMe page to raise additional funds for the project. These will go directly to the Western Wisconsin effort.


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