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Farmer to Farmer Suicide Prevention

Goal: Reduce the fear and shame that the agricultural community holds when it comes to dealing with mental health concerns


To serve as a model of how thriving rural communities appreciate and celebrate agriculture through fellowship in order to decrease the stigma of mental health and serve to promote the health of its farming community as an asset to the wellbeing all within the community.


  • Fellowship and support for farmers

  • Build community connections/networks among farmers and between farmers and their communities

  • Provide education and resources with knowledgeable professionals and or experienced, local residents

  • Provide connection to up to date mental health resources

  • Facilitate access to mental health support

  • Extend, support and encourage appreciation for farmers

  • Celebrate and embrace rural culture

  • Celebrating and appreciating farmers, farm families and agri-professionals with area partners throughout the year



We empower others and ourselves by listening to, learning from, and respecting others’ experience with farm stress. We value tour partnership s and believe that community voices are critical to success. We work in community with one another to build a culture of inclusion.


We foster positives relationships through honesty, open communication and accountability. We meet outreach needs by creating connections among key partners who value and understand the important role agriculture plays in our community. We recognize and trust the essential and interconnected nature of all roles within communities.


We appreciate and serve as volunteer members of our coalitions resources. We honor and value each other’s time and talents. We seek to maintain a balance between life and work priorities as role models for those we seek to conduct education and outreach regarding positive mental health.

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