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Farmer Angel Network offers a variety of assistance including one-on-one guidance, connection to local, state and national programs, education and financial aid.  FAN is not a crisis line. If you are in or know of someone in a crisis, call/text 9-8-8 for immediate help from the national crisis line. 


Financial aid in the amount of $200 is available for farmers, farm workers, farming families and agribusiness workers in Sauk County, Wisconsin and surrounding counties. Financial aid is limited to those residing in these counties, one time per year, and one request per address per year.


All applications are reviewed by the Farmer Angel Network Board. The Board reserves the right to determine the number of recipients to be funded and the amount that each recipient will receive. Each year’s allocation will vary depending on Farmer Angel Network’s financial position. Due to the limited financial resources, all eligible applicants may not receive funding. Priority will be given to those eligible applicants demonstrating the greatest need as determined by the Board with the information available at the time the decision is made.

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Assistance Request Form

Please complete the below information or download this form to request assistance.  Send questions to

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