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Breaking the Stigma in Southwest Wisconsin

December 2, 2023 - Dodgeville, WI - Farmer Angel Network received a heartfelt thank-you note from Suicide Prevention Corporation Southwest WI for the $1,000 donation sent to them recently. The funds were used to create care packages for families affected by suicide in Iowa, Grant, Lafayette, Sauk, Richland, Crawford & Vernon counties. The packages, delivered by the county coroner, provide support resources for those dealing with the aftermath of suicide.

Part of the grant was used to send T-shirts and stocking caps promoting the #988 suicide hotline to businesses like feed mills and cheese factories in these counties. These items are given away for free to community members. Susan Springer, the founder of Suicide Prevention Corporation Southwest WI, says she hopes that increasing exposure to #988 in daily life will spark conversations, educate people, and reduce the stigma around suicide.

The grant allowed the organization to provide resources to rural communities, ultimately helping save lives and support grieving families. By breaking down stigmas, the initiative aims to make it easier for people to seek help when struggling with suicidal thoughts. A big thank you was extended to Suicide Prevention Corp of Southwest WI for making a positive impact in rural agricultural communities.

Thank you for to Suicide Prevention Corp of Southwest WI for making a difference in our rural agricultural communities.

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