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Advocating the Need for Mental Health Resources in Washington DC

April 18, 2023 - Madison, WI

Randy Roecker, Farmer Angel Network Co-Founder, was advocating the need for mental health resources for rural and farming communities in Washington DC. Randy visited Senator Tammy Baldwin's office at the United States Capitol to specifically discuss the need for mental health funds. He was able to share his experiences coping with depression as a farmer, lack of resources, and the need for additional mental health resources.

Randy said, "Today I went to the office of Senator Tammy Baldwin and spoke on the importance of the bipartisan FARMERS FIRST Act. This act provides continued funding for local mental health resources and expands access to stress reduction strategies and suicide prevention programs for people who work in agriculture. In the last Farm, Bill 10 million dollars were allocated. Now we ask for continued support of this program."

Farmer Angel Network works to build capacity for mental health services in rural and farming communities. Thank you, Randy, for your dedication, passion and willingness to share your own experience to help bring change and save lives.

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