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Podcast Believe in People Features Farmer Angel Network Co-Founder Brenda Statz

June 28, 2023 - Loganville, WI - Farmer Angel Network co-founder, Brenda Statz, was featured in today's episode of the Believe in People podcast series. Listen to episode 48 here.

Brenda shares her experience of the stresses of farming and the death of her husband by suicide as a result of those burdens.

Believe in People "is a podcast for all the untold stories, kind gestures, great feats, human connection, new initiatives, extraordinary experiences, and talented people." Hosts Kevin Tibbles and Amy Goldberg share stories about hope.

Kevin Tibbles, an award-winning NBC correspondent including NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt, was the first to interview Brenda in 2019 following the death of her husband. He wanted to catch up with Brenda now that she is an advocate for mental health and support to help the farming community. The NBC Nightly News interview can be found here at

Amy Goldberg is an award-winning international speaker, business creative, author and producer in film and television. She is the author of Be Your Truth, and Know, Really. Goldberg created and produced a mental health and well-being 13-Part series; I AM NOT OKAY. Raw conversations about mental wellbeing, addictions, anxiety, burnout, and depression with industry leaders from sports, media, the arts, healthcare, and business.

Thank you to Brenda, Kevin and Amy for helping break the stigma around mental health by talking about it and sharing real stories.

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