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Healing After Farm Stress Turned to Tragedy

Rural Realities podcast by Brenda Statz, FAN founder.

From fluctuating prices to long work hours, farmers experience an extensive amount of stress every day. It is key to reach out for help and support when that stress starts to impact mental or physical health. Brenda Statz, a farmer and mental health advocate, shares how she lost her husband to suicide, her journey as a suicide survivor, signs and symptoms of distress, and the importance of reaching out for help. Experiencing a challenge on the farm? Contact the Wisconsin Farm Center! With more than a 50 years of agriculture experience collectively, the Wisconsin Farm Center team offers free and confidential financial planning services, mediation/arbitration, herd-based diagnostics, and more. They can be reached at 800-942-2474 or More information on programs and services are available at If you are experiencing increased stress, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or just need a welcoming ear to talk to, please contact the free and confidential pilot 24/7 WI Farmer Wellness Hotline at 888-901-2558 for immediate support. Ongoing in-person and tele-counseling sessions are also available by request.

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