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Garden of Angels

May 14, 2024 - Portage, WI - Farmer Angel Network held their monthly planning meeting at the Garden of Angels started by Joanne Alt. We walked the farm and then met on the welcoming porch surrounded by the beautiful and calming gardens, fields and farm.

Joanne shared with us how the garden came to be after the death of her child and then soon after her husband to suicide. She converted her farm into the garden in 2015/16 to raise awareness about suicide and give people a comfortable place to grieve. The flower gardens and walking paths are free to the public. More about her story in this news article and on her web page.

Farmer Angel Network presented Joanne with two outdoor brochure boxes for the garden to offer suicide prevention prevention materials for visitors. FAN, Farm Center and VA mental health resources were included. Joanne expressed great appreciation and shared her excitement to place them near the garden.

Visitors are encouraged to gather a flowers or a bouquet. Joanne shared the needs of the garden. Donations of time, small bud vases and funds are always welcome. She regularly gathers flowers and shares them with neighbors, residential facilities and others that may need a lift.

Thank you to Joanne for raising awareness and her suicide prevention efforts.

Photo provided by Lynae Schott. L to R: Vicky Meinholz, Sandy Kracht, Joanne Alt, Brenda Statz, Danielle Sander, Christy Wehler


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