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From Hardship to Hope - UW's Grow Magazine Features Farmer Angel Network

Grow, a magazine devoted to the life sciences, by the University of Wisconsin-Madison College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) article in Spring 2023 issue features Farmer Angel Network and FAN board members Brenda Statz, Amanda Coorough and Dorothy Hams.

Brenda Statz shares 'her husband’s suicide in an effort to help others understand that it’s okay to seek help. “I want people to realize they’re not alone,” she says. “If a neighbor stops by and you are stressed out, tell them you haven’t been feeling too good. After you get done talking about the weather, talk about what’s bothering you. Sometimes I’ve had people say, ‘After I talk about it, I feel a lot better. I think I’m going to be OK.’ It just makes them feel better to know somebody cares.”'

Dorothy Harms explains the formation of Farmer Angel Network. 'Dorothy says, “We decided we couldn’t just stand by — we had to do something. We are focusing on providing education and resources to farm families who need support.”'

Amanda Coorough explains the "seven-session WeCOPE (available in-person and virtually) helps farmers and agricultural professionals practice ways to improve their emotional and physical well-being while decreasing the negative feelings and emotions connected to stress."

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