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Sauk County & FAN Mapping County's Behavioral Health Crisis System

Updated: May 22

April 12, 2024 - Rockville, MD - Sauk County Public Health convened a group of ten team members to develop an action plan to increase access to crisis care and strengthen the local crisis continuums in the county. The team attend a three-day Behavioral Health Crisis System Mapping Policy Academy hosted by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) April 9 - 11, 2024 at their Federal headquarters in Rockville, Maryland.

Sauk County's team led by Farmer Angel Network volunteer and Community Health Educator, Jodie Molitor, included representatives from the police force, emergency medical services (EMS), public health, healthcare organizations, Ho-Chunk nation, and community members with lived experience. FAN's co-founder Brenda Statz attended to represent those in Sauk County with lived experience accessing crisis services. They joined five other teams from across the U.S. at the Academy.

Because suicide risk increases during the time period surrounding an episode of acute care, continuing contact through entire episodes of care is needed. SAMHSA designed and developed the Crisis Intercept Mapping process to help communities strengthen the delivery of evidence-based suicide prevention policies and practices during this time of increased risk.

Sauk County's team came away with the most current research-based best practices, connections with the industry's leading experts, and an action plan for our county. They will continue to meet during implementation of the plan.

Thank you to Sauk County Public Health for leading this effort and to Jodie Molitor and Brenda Statz for representing Farmer Angel Network. Their dedication to improving the lives our Sauk County residents is so much appreciated.

Photos provided by Brenda Statz.

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