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Country doctor writes song lyrics for Farmer Angel Network

December 27, 2023 - After reading an article about Farmer Angel Network, Dr. Chris Williams of Danville, Virginia, was inspired to write and share the below song lyrics. With 40 years working in rural medicine, retired Dr. Williams shared, "From my experience I’ve found that men of a certain age who experience depression often deny that they have a disease, yes a disease, not a character flaw or weakness.

Men, especially men, be they Farmers, Truckers or Physicians deny that they are ill and profound symptoms of depression, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, mood swings and even suicidal ideation are common affecting over 25% of all men in their lifetime.

They deny that they are ill, yes ill, and keep their distress to themselves. Often they will 'self medicate' with alcohol or drugs. Failure to act on these symptoms when they are more medically manageable leads to severe disability and even suicide.

Because there is such a stigma about depression and mental illness among men of a certain age they refuse to recognize symptoms early."

The Farmer Angel Network

He hides the pain behind his smile

Ain’t been himself , for quite some time

No one to talk to - he’s not OK

Can’t find the right words has little to say

He Never complains - works hard every day

Always Took the hit to make the play

In the farmer’s world things can go bad

trouble sleeping -he’s mad or sad

Drinking too much and hoping for rain

Leaning on whiskey to ease that pain

Afraid to face what’s going on

So he wrote it down in this country song


Depression lies says hope is lost

Nothing left only those Dark thoughts

World’s so bleak - can hardly speak

Can’t get out of bed - too weary to weep

Down and done, you’re not the only one

Ask for help fore’ you reach for a gun

Depression’s a killer - that’s a fact

Go See your Doctor - get your life back

This farmer he’s in trouble

It’s not weak to ask for help

This Farmer he has loved ones

Call the Farmer Angel Network

This hurting man knows he’s in Trouble

Face the truth, even heroes struggle

Takes a few months but this’ll pass

No cure in denial or a whiskey glass

Feeling so worn he can hardly work

Call the Farmer Angel Network

Go see your Doctor say what’s going on

Soon you’ll be yourself singing your old songs

Repeat Chorus

Thank you to Dr. Williams for your time, effort and meaningful words to help break the stigma around mental health. If you are interested in putting these lyrics to music, please contact Farmer Angel Network at

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