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Caledonia Market Candle to Raise Funds for Farmer Angel Network

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Caledonia Market has offered to donate $5 of each candle sold to Farmer Angel Network. Caledonia Market owner says how "important it is to us to give back to the community. For us, this means taking care of the people who make our market possible. Kelsey at Tiny Homestead has created a candle just for us in support of farmer mental health and support...Some people may ask, 'Why is this even important?'

Over the past 20-30 years suicide rates in the farming/rural communities have grown concerningly high and we feel that if we have the ability to try to show our support, we should be trying to come up with ways to do so.

This may not be earth-moving, but we feel it's an important step. Many farmers feel that they don't have an accessible support system, or feel that they have to be the strong one because they are responsible for so many other living beings. From their families, to animals, to crops, to even the farm itself that has been in the family for generations and they don't want to be the one to lose it. The general public may say, maybe they shouldn't care so much, don't stress about it.

As farmers, that's not the way we are wired. Farmers are wired to care, they are wired to solve the problem, and they are wired to put themselves second, or third, or fourth.

Farmers are the backbone of any community, and now more than ever, they need our support.

We know that the proceeds from this promotion will make a difference in the agricultural community and we hope that you will join us in coming together for this project!"

Kelsey at Tiny Homestead says, "These collaborations is what makes me tick! I'm so excited to team up with Caledonia Market to bring you this amazing candle! White Oak and Vanilla scent is earthy, woodsy and sweet. It's such a unique combination that works beautifully together. It also provides a beautiful hot throw and this candle is BIG. It will last a long time and fill larger rooms! ...Giving back to this cause is the least we can do. Farmers give us so much."

Thank you to both of these small business for supporting the work of Farmer Angel Network. Your generous giving is so important and greatly appreciated! All donations go toward FANs mission of suicide awareness and prevention among rural communities, farmers, farm workers and their families.

Candles are $24 plus tax and available for purchase at: Caledonia Market W10525 Tritz Road Portage, WI 53901

or contact to have shipped: +1 715-586-8007

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