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Christy Wehler

Board Member, Secretary

Transformation Program Manager, Sauk Prairie Healthcare; Co-owner Plain Pastures

Christy owns her family farm, Plain Pastures, with her husband Terry. They rotational graze beef cattle selling either to market or direct to consumer. They also have a herd of registered llamas that they train as companion livestock for events, process fiber and breed/sell as guard or companion livestock. Their children Kelsey and Kolton are big help on the farm.

Christy's family has lost too many friends and neighbors to suicide, most from their farming community. She has also have lived with anxiety and depression most of her adult life which is very well controlled now. Christy knows how hard it can be to farm and live with mental illness and also that their is help. She want others to know there is help. Christy serves as on Farmer Angel Network as a representative from Sauk Prairie Healthcare who has been a great partner for our work.

After her day job and farm life, Christy just wants to be with family and friends including the Farmer Angel Network family! She enjoys reading and crafting but not much time for that.

Christy Wehler
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