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The Fortitude of Farmers on Frame of Reference Podcast

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Frame of Reference podcast features Alana Voss, a Sauk County agriculture educator and participant on the Farmer Angel Network board. Listen to the podcast here.

Frame of Reference Sauk County & Beyond by Sauk Prairie's Rauel LaBreche"is a conversational style show with local experts about issues with global significance... where the voices of our local leadership can share their passion on why and how they are leaders in the community. Real players with real roles in a world of real problems. No special effects, no hidden agenda, just the facts and anecdotes that make a leader." Mr. LaBreche also works Senior Marketing & Training Specialist at McFarlane Manufacturing Co Inc in Sauk City.

Show Notes

The Physical and Mental well being of today's Ag producers is perhaps more critical today than ever before. As our nation has changed from a primarily Agronomic society and culture to an Industrial and now a Technological one, the toll of those changes has been heavily paid by Farmers. They have had to deal with some of the most difficult circumstances possible for any citizen of the United States. They are under pressure from every side possible. Whether it be financial, psychological or physical stress - they have it all and in abundance. Thankfully there are professionals like Alana Voss to help counter some of those Stressors.

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