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Stepping Up for Mental Health

Prairie du Sac - Farmer Angel Network board members, Brenda Statz and Christy Wehler, participated in the Stepping Up for Mental Health Walk-A-Thon at Sauk Prairie Athletic Stadium hosted by Be Kind SP 33. FAN was one of several local mental health related resources available. The event is to help raise awareness, get out in the community, find mental health resources and get involved to stay active and healthy.

Event coordinator, Sara Frosch, said there was an outstanding response. The walk honors Sauk Prairie teen who died by suicide in 2022 and the reason behind the local 'Be Kind' movement. There were over 65 walkers and 40 raffle baskets donated. FAN provided free ice cream treats and fidget/calming toys. Other highlights included local speakers, be kind awards, food trucks, behavioral health providers, bounce house, and llamas to pet.

Learn more on the Be Kind SP 33 Facebook page or see this WKOW clip about the day.

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