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Forgiveness Factor Event A Success

On March 22, the Farmer Angel Network and Sauk Prairie Healthcare Foundation

sponsored an event featuring Tim Markle, author and founder of the Forgiveness Factor. Mr. Markle's presentation was titled The Role of Forgiveness in Suicide Prevention.

Mental health has been identified as one of the top five priorities in the 2022-24

Community Health Needs Assessment conducted by Sauk Prairie Healthcare. Sauk

County has witnessed an alarming number of deaths by suicide in the last few years. The Farmer Angel Network and Sauk Prairie Healthcare Foundation partnered on this event to offer fellowship and education on the role of forgiveness in suicide prevention. Both organizations prioritize breaking the stigma around mental illness and are working to prevent suicide.

Life is hard. We wish we were able to roll with the punches. We wish we could just hang-in there or just let it go. But it's hard. Forgiveness, when we learn what it is and what it isn't, can help us deal with our past and move into our future. It can help protect our mental health, change how we interact with the world, change how we deal with pain and resentments. Let's learn the basics of forgiveness and how to begin applying forgiveness principles.

Mr. Markle combines research with lived experience to bring a unique perspective on

forgiving in an unforgiving world. He lives in Stoughton, Wisconsin, and has been

featured locally on Life 102.5 FM radio, and throughout the state and nation at

conference, churches, wellness events and community events.

Thirty people attended this free event at Sauk Prairie Healthcare’s conference center. Attendees were able to connect with several professionals trained in suicide prevention before and after the event. Feedback from the attendees was positive and all respondents said it was helpful. One person said, "Tim was wonderful and brought the idea of forgiveness to us. He made me think of ways I need to change my thoughts

and give forgiveness to become a happier person."

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